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2004 "SFMOMA"(SF 현대미술관) Art Action ,SF,CA

2002 "Crocker Art Museum" Sacramento,CA

2002 "예술의전당" 해외청년작가초대전 "Beauty of diversity" Seoul

개인 초대전 및 그룹전 


2022 "Being There", Solo Exhibition, Artverse KAF

2022 "Gift Exhibition" Artverse KAF

2021 "Gift Exhibition" Artverse KAF

2021 "티롤 갤러리 5인전" 대관령 티롤 갤러리 

2021 "6월의2인전" Artverse KAF 

2017 "Holiday Group Exhibition" H.A Gallery, SF,CA

2014 "Same Same but Different" H.A Gallery, SF,CA

2012 "Small Wonders" H.A Gallery, SF,CA 

2010 "Red Dot Art Fair" Miami, FL

2008 "Time" Solo Exhibition, H.A Gallery, SF,CA 

2002 "Red" H.A Gallery, Palo Alto, CA

2002 "White" H.A Gallery, SF,CA 

2002 "Nostalgia" Solo Exhibition, H.A Gallery, SF,CA 

2001 "Figure Painting Exhibition", H.A Gallery, Palo Alto, CA

2001 "Winter Walls" H.A Gallery, SF,CA 

2000 "Matters of Scale" H.A Gallery, SF,CA 

1999 "Holiday Quilt" H.A Gallery, SF,CA 

1998 "New Emerging Artist Exhibition" H.A Gallery, SF,CA 

1994 "AAU Group Exhibition" AAU Gallery, SF,CA 

1994 "Spring Show" AAU Gallery, SF,CA 


Frank Sinatra Twin Palms Estate 

Digital Island 

T G A Architects

Francisco Partners 

Trinity Capital 



Yoon-Jeong LEE


*WORKS를 클릭하면 작가의 작품을 감상할 수 있습니다.

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